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santander bank mexico logoThe Santander (Grupo Financiero Santander) is a Mexican bank includes a range of financial services companies.
Santander is the result of multiple mergers over more than a century, with its distant origins in the creation of the Bank of London, Mexico and South America in the year 1864.

Santander is the largest financial group in Spain and Latin America, and the second by market capitalization in the euro zone.
Founded in 1857, has forged important business initiatives in Europe, including the alliance with The Royal Bank of Scotland since 1988, buying the third largest banking group in Portugal and the first independent franchise consumer finance in Germany.
It has a leading position in Latin America, with 92,000 million dollars in assets, 23 million customers and 4,327 offices in eleven countries. With a strategic presence in key markets in the region, Brazil, Mexico and Chile, the Latin America Group obtained a net profit of 1,063 million dollars in the first nine months of 2002.

Grupo Financiero Santander Serfin is created in May 1997, with the acquisition of majority control of Grupo Financiero Inverméxico by Banco Santander SA (Currently Banco Santander Central Hispano SA), changing its name to Grupo Financiero Santander Mexicano (SANMEX). Group’s products and services include commercial banking, investment banking and brokering investments.

Its largest operating subsidiary is Banco Santander Mexicano, other subsidiaries are: Brokerage Santander Mexicano, Mexican Santander Factoring, Insurance Santander Mexicano, Mexican and Management Surety Santander Santander Mexico.

Santander is the third largest financial group in Mexico, with shares of 15.1% in loans and 16.2% in savings. In 2007 the Bank opened 49 new branches to serve a customer base of 8.5 million. Santander in Mexico recorded a high growth of income and attributable profit in 2007 grew by 23.8% from a year earlier to 654 million euros.

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