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Mexico has worsened the GDP growth forecast for this year to 1.8%

Mexico has worsened the GDP growth forecastMexico has worsened the economic growth estimate for the current year on the background of stagnation of exports to the United States, analysts interpreted change in the outlook as a signal of of a possible reduction of the interest rate of the Bank of Mexico in the second time this year.  Read more »

Mexico’s economy contracted for the first time in four years

Mexico's economy contracted for the first time in four yearsMexico’s economy shrank in quarter II for the first time in four years. Thus, Mexico has joined the list of developing countries that have experienced rapid growth and now have entered into recession.  Read more »

Mexican authorities refuse its monopoly on oil

Mexican authorities refuse its monopoly on oilMexico’s president Peña Nieto has introduced a bill to radically change the oil industry to the country’s Congress – the Mexican authorities want to change the existing model of oil production in the country, which has existed for 75 years: to change the constitution of Mexico and open the oil market in the country for foreign companies.  Read more »

Short introduction into the Mexican banking system

Short introduction into the Mexican banking systemThe Central Bank of Mexico (Banco de Mexico) is constructed on the model of  the U.S. Federal Reserve and has extensive powers to control the money supply. Another leading financial institution is a national Finance company that controls the use of foreign capital in projects related to infrastructure development. Read more »

Mexican pesos – the currency of Mexico

Mexican pesos - the currency of Mexico

The national currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso – one of the oldest currency in the world. The emergence of pesos referred to the XV century (these were silver coins). Before receiving its independence from Spain (1821) in Mexico have been used Spanish Reais – currency intended for the Spanish colonies.  Read more »

Banks Listing:

Bank of America Mexico

bank of america mexico logoBank of America Mexico has a long history in the country, and starts its local presence with a representative office in 1954.  Read more »


banregio logoBanRegio (Banco Regional de Monterrey SA) was founded as a multiple banking institution in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, derived from the need for specialized assistance, on February 14, 1994 and began operations to the public on September 7, 1994.  Read more »

Scotiabank Inverlat

Scotiabank Inverlat logoGrupo Financiero Scotiabank Inverlat is a member of the Scotiabank Group, a global financial services, is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Read more »


BanBajio logoBanBajío Bank (Banco del Bajio) is a multiple banking financial institution with specialized care service and business and commercial banking. It is the eighth bank in the country, measured by deposits and lending, as well as one of the 60 largest banks in Latin America designated by the magazine América Economía.  Read more »

HSBC Mexico

HSBC Bank Mexico logoHSBC Mexico, SA is the parent company of Grupo Financiero HSBC, SA de CV. It is one of the four largest banks in Mexico, with 1,400 branches and 5,200 ATMs. Read more »

Santander Mexico

santander bank mexico logoThe Santander (Grupo Financiero Santander) is a Mexican bank includes a range of financial services companies.
Santander is the result of multiple mergers over more than a century, with its distant origins in the creation of the Bank of London, Mexico and South America in the year 1864. Read more »

BBVA Bancomer

BBVA Bancomer logoBBVA Bancomer is a Mexican financial institution. It was founded in 1932 as Banco de Comercio (Bancomer). Since 2000, its main shareholder is Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA). Read more »


banamex bank logoThe Banamex (Banco Nacional de Mexico) is a Mexican bank, owned by Citigroup and is based in the Federal District of Mexico. It was created obn June 2, 1884, as a result of the merger of two banks: the Nacional Mexicano and Mercantil Mexicano. Read more »

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