Mexican Banks Available in the US

Whether you’re from Mexico and are looking to locate Mexican banks in the US or you’re going to be spending some time in Mexico and want a bank that you can use both in the US and Mexico, there are many choices for you. Although you might need to set up separate accounts in each country, using a Mexican bank in the US makes it much easier to handle your financial transactions.

Some of the most popular options for Mexican banks in the US are Citibank, which goes by Banamex in Mexico, Santander Bank, HSBC, and Mizuho Americas. It’s important to note that Bank of America also has options for you on both sides of the border thanks to partnerships with Santander Bank to make your banking easier whether you’re in America or Mexico.

For Mexicans visiting America for a short time, or for Americans visiting Mexico for a one-time trip, if you use a Mexican bank in the US you’ll save a lot of money in fees. For example, you’ll have an easier time using ATMs in both countries by avoiding those transaction fees. Plus, using a Mexican bank in the US allows you to get the best exchange rates available meaning your money goes further.

Your Mexican bank can also issue you a credit card that has no international transaction fees. Visa and Mastercard are accepted worldwide, making cards backed by these credit companies the best option. You can additionally make the most of your money by choosing a card that gives you travel rewards from cash back on hotels, flights, dining, and rental cards. Just like using an ATM with your Mexican bank in the US, if you have the option of getting a credit card through your bank without international transaction fees, you can also get the best currency rates possible.

Planning on a longer stay in America or Mexico? Then using a Mexican bank in the US makes sense. If you have an American account with a Mexican bank in the US, it will be a much smoother process. The same holds true for Mexicans coming to America who have account with Mexican banks in the US.

When it comes to Mexican banks in the US, you have many options for your banking needs. Choosing a bank that operates in both countries will save you the hassle and money by making things more convenient and accessible whichever side of the border you happen to be on. Knowing which Mexican banks in the US that you can use allows you to avoid those international transaction fees and make the most of the conversion rate, saving you money down the road, whichever one you choose to travel.